police violence against anti-Communist Former Political Prisoners ALBANIA covered by the hunger strike. Get destabilization of the country road.

English police violence against anti-Communist Former Political Prisoners ALBANIA covered by the hunger strike. Get destabilization of the country road.  Former perndiekurit launch a hunger strike in support of the parliament  After the strike was taking place next to the prime ministry of state administration dismissed. Today began a hunger strike in support of the next parliament, […]Read Post ›

U.S.: Our messages, ears that do not want to hear. Director for Central and South American Department of State, Jonathan Moore said yesterday the Minister of Defence, Kodheli that “messages of the United States have fallen in ears that do not want to hear”. Kodheli met yesterday with a senior officer of the Department of State in Budva during an international meeting. Moore’s statement was made in the context of the approaching date for obtaining candidate status in the EU for Albania. “As for the status of candidate country, this is an issue that concerns the interests of both our countries, as a member of NATO. This message we have given and in Tirana, but our messages can not say that they have fallen on deaf ears, but ears that hear not, “said Moore Moore emphasized that the U.S. attaches great importance to the rule of law and encourages efforts to achieve common goals. “We fully support you in your efforts to protect the dignity and honor of the Armed Forces.” While Moore has not përsëiritur mnesazhet that handing over recent fortnightly times, his statements are clear. On February 1, Moore stated that “Fighting corruption is not to say that those who have the power today to complain about those who had power before. Fighting corruption and rule of law konsolidosh done through increasing charges by prosecutors, if necessary to raise charges. There must be purely to blame predecessors “. Moore said a few months ago that this should be done by raising the issues of legal and judicial institutions. “In Albania there are many skilled prosecutors and judges and they can deal with cases submitted to them, or when the prosecution raises. But these issues should not be discussed only in the political arena. ” Moore said that, while the rule of law will be built, but that initial steps be taken. He cited as a concern for Albanians and the international community, Lazaratin, saying the state should put the entire territory under control. “The important point that was highlighted by peaceful and democratic transition, is that there is no role only the government but also the opposition, then to find ways to support the process rather than just trying to provide support to EU , to which they do an effective job, but to emphasize ways of cooperation “. He said that the present government, while in opposition, not always supported steps to be taken by Parliament. “Today’s opposition has promised to support the necessary steps to Parliament. It must continue. The government must find a way to cooperate with the opposition, to strengthen the message, not seen as a party or coalition against another.