Dule’s accusation confirmed, this is the EU official who made the dirty suggestion to steal the Democratic Party votes.

Union for the Human Rights chairman Vangjel Dule revealed a shocking detail yesterday about the role of the foreign diplomats accredited in Albania. Dule said an important diplomat made him and several other allies of the Democratic Party (PD) a dirty suggestion, or rather a criminal suggestion for the democratic parameters.

“Abandon the cause of the Democratic Party, enter the elections as planned by Edi Rama and take as many mandates as possible from those left empty from the biggest opposition party, which has nearly 600 thousand votes”.

That was the implied Mafioso-like suggestion of the diplomat, whose name is revealed today by Syri.net.

Even though Dule was reserved in telling the name of the important diplomat, it was not very difficult to learn his name, since many other witnesses were present in the meeting.

It was the infamous Romana Vlahutin, the EU Delegation head in person. The EU Ambassador, who makes no efforts to hide she is at Rama’s unconditioned service, is under probe from her superiors in Brussels for the alleged corruption affair of purchase of a sheikh-like residence in Tirana.

What was the plan and what really happened in the negotiation that could be very well considered as a coup against the democratic principles of an independent republic?

Vlahutin set up a meeting with Lulzim Basha’s main allies Vangjel Dule, Dashamir Shehi and Fatmir Mediu on April 6, after having called for “help” in Tirana Eduard Auer, chief of Division for the Western Balkans.

After the old rhetoric that they should return to the parliament and enter the elections despite Basha’s insistence, she made the “big suggestion”, as similar as two drops of water to the one Rama has been making recently:

“Enter the elections and take (steal) the mandates of the Democratic Party”.

SYRI.net has learnt the answer was a categorical NO, furthermore Republican Party chairman Mediu argued with Eduard Auer, who, after the failed attempt, asked for the talk to be held within the borders of confidentiality.

It is understood Ambassador Romana Vlahutin stands behind this masquerade that is going over the limits of the political developments in the country and she is doing everything in her power and in full contradiction to her duty to save Edi Rama from the situation where he has put himself after transforming the country in hugest cannabis cultivator in the world.



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